Under The Straw Hat

Last Christmas season I worked a 12 hour/week seasonal retail job. It was fun and allowed me a little extra cash to cover holiday expenses.

On a particularly busy afternoon, a harried holiday shopper came in with presumably her son, who was quite engrossed in a rather loud video game he was playing. The mother seemed oblivious to the game’s loudness, even though it could be heard above all the other shoppers’ chatter and noise. The fast-shopping mom grabbed only a few items and came directly to the counter, her son still transfixed on the machine he held in his 7 or 8 year-old hands.

The sounds coming from the video game were not just loud, but blood-curdling. Sounds of shooting, screaming, crying, sirens blaring, and foul language.

I silently asked Jesus if I should speak on this, and immediately it was as if God turned my attention to the…

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