Bold or Muted?

Under The Straw Hat

Bold and bright colors will always grab my attention, peak my curiosity and define my personality.

But lately, perhaps because of aging, maturity or just a deepening awareness, the softer, more subtle and muted shades now pull me in.

The world is a canvas. God’s creation shouts His glory and demands His praise. I’m an eager one to comply, as I see Him in the smallest particles to the vast, open skies.

Even in a fallen, sin-laden world, His beauty surrounds us, if we take the time to open our jaded and skeptical eyes.

Have you beheld Him?

God speaks to us in colors. The bold, deep depth of shade shouts at us to pay attention, alerting us to His presence, and reminding us of His great majesty.

Yet also God speaks to us in His still, small voice. The whispers of pale sunsets and soft morning dew. Glimmers of…

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