Saved, saved, saved. His grace is sufficient for me.

“Grace does not lead to licentiousness. It leads to a desire to live for God maybe as never before.” ~ Dr. Andy Woods

Fire Lily

Both I think should be watched together. The rapture sermon dealt with the assurance of salvation and it flowed right into the Genesis sermon beautifully.

After struggling most of my life without the assurance of salvation with no hope and always worrying if I was going to make it. I can tell you from personal experience that not only to be saved, but to have the assurance of salvation is a beautiful blessing and a promise.

As of two years ago I know for certain that I am saved, I know I will not lose my salvation, I am no longer afraid of death, and I love Christ more now than ever. There is nothing that I want more than to be with Him. I want more and more of Him each day.

As for those that’s say it’s encourages licentiousness, I have to disagree. It is because of His…

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