Australian Opposition Leader Calls Christian Beliefs ‘An Abomination’

An unjust man is abominable to the righteous,

And he who is upright in the way is abominable to the wicked.

Proverbs 29:27

Harbingers Daily:

(Queensland, Australia) — The Bible is very clear on God’s position concerning homosexuality and abortion. It should be no surprise to anybody that a church which honours God’s Word as inerrant and infallible commits to teaching a Biblical worldview. Yet, we now have a succession of politicians who express surprise and exasperation that the modern church dares to teach the truth of God’s Word.

The latest politician to play theologian is Australia’s opposition leader, Peter Dutton. Speaking of the recent uproar concerning Andrew Thorburn’s resignation from the Essendon Football Club over his Biblical beliefs, Dutton said this in a recent interview with Sky News Australia, “The views that have been expressed by a pastor at this church in relation to gay people, or to the issue of abortion – they’re an abomination and I condemn those points that have been made by that particular pastor.” Read more…

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