An AI Lawyer Is About to Defend a Human in a U.S. Courtroom

Yahoo News: That’s a solution Joshua Browder, CEO of consumer-liberation startup DoNotPay, is testing out next month, when his company will pay two defendants going to traffic court up to $1,000 each to wear smart glasses that will double up as their attorneys.

Yes, we’re living in a simulation, and it involves sentient eyewear.

Would You Hire a Robot as Your Lawyer?

Well, sort of. The glasses will record the proceedings and a chatbot—built on OpenAI’s GPT-3, famous for transcribing ballads and high school essays on demand—will offer legal arguments in real-time, which the defendants have pledged to repeat, Browder told The Daily Beast. The locations of the hearings have been kept secret, to prevent judges from derailing the stunts ahead of time. Each defendant will have the option to opt out if they choose. Read more..

Author: Fire Lily

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