Pastors’ Point of View (PPOV) no. 241. Prophecy Update. 1-27-23. Drs. Andy Woods & Jim McGowan.

One response to “Pastors’ Point of View (PPOV) no. 241. Prophecy Update. 1-27-23. Drs. Andy Woods & Jim McGowan.”

  1. U know
    I am still trying to process
    Brother Jim’s wife has MS

    I went to a church and a prayer group
    In r country people can kill themselves witb government help


    It is from the pit of hell

    Anyhow… the leader of this prayer group
    Shared how they helped someone struggling with MS to die
    The reason the topic came up
    Us b/c another lady shared where she volunteered at
    Food bank
    People were coming in and asking todie.tgey had heard about this program offered by the government of Canada

    She did not share the gospel or anything at all
    Pls.pray for born again bible believing christians to work in food banks and share the gospel

    I do try to go to church but thiscwhat I encounter
    I did say that rebel news had shared that 10,000 people had used the program last year

    I am speechless

    I say Maranatha

    Lord pls. Come so justice will roll down like water.
    Where the government will be upon yr shoulders

    I am praying for brother Jim’s wife and for him

    Lord prepare me to be a sancutary
    Pure and holy
    Tried and true
    I will be living sanctuary for you

    I have not been back
    A moose stepped out in front of my van
    I find out this week if i can keep it
    I travelled home 30 miles
    I started it up the other day.
    It ran in minus 22 weather

    God is a good good Father and He kept
    Although I can still see the moose’s legs

    I had a come of tea
    And went to bed when I came home


    In Christ

    I am in the Book of Hebrews
    I am looking for the city
    Whose builder and maker is God

    Pls. Keep my husband in yr prayers
    He gets his new leg next week
    Has to learn to walk again
    He is battling bitterness anger and wrath.he just does not kniw the word of God
    When he gets like this
    Only worship works
    It is like saul
    David had to play music

    I am tired

    Pls. Pray for Teresa my sister.she had surgery after a 3 yr wait
    She is reading my emails etc.
    But again does not know the word of God

    I gave her Pastor Barry Stagner

    Dancing with scars
    She left it behind in Terrace

    She does have anither one that the dog started to eat.but she us on pain killers

    Struggles with bitternesd and anger

    Thank u



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