Russia and Iran to co-produce 6,000 new, fast kamikaze super-drones

Debka: A high-powered Iranian delegation landed secretly in the town of Yelabuga, 960km east of Moscow, on Jan 5, ready to meet the Russian demand for a new super-drone for the Ukraine war that would outperform in speed and silent operation the Shahed-136 hitherto supplied by Iran.

The Russians complained that Ukrainian air defenses have already downed 540 of the 1,000 those Iranian UAVs deployed in the war. What was needed was a model drone able to carry forward Russia’s military operations in Ukraine with substantially less losses….

…This massive transaction is of concern not just to the United States but to Israel as well. As part of their military collaboration, Moscow is committed to providing Iran with Russian weapons and engineering specialists. They will be sent to instruct Iranian military officers in the use of the Western weaponry the Russians have captured from Ukraine forces, including the advanced air defense systems the Americans have provided to support Kiev’s war effort…Read more…

Ezekiel 38

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