The Coming Kingdom 59. Debunking Kingdom Now Passages, Part 17 Daniel 2:44-45

3 responses to “The Coming Kingdom 59. Debunking Kingdom Now Passages, Part 17 Daniel 2:44-45”

  1. I like these programs
    The word of God is upheld
    I found one from December 18th 2022 on the doctrine of suffering
    It is just not taught
    Once you are taught correctly it all makes sense and you are reassured and settled in your mind

    I like the updates on the “so called revival” in Ashbury Kentucky

    Having survived the Toronto Blessing/Curse I appreciate sound teaching
    John Haller did a good update as well

    I am Canadian and it did not reach my church until the late 90’s until 2005 where it ended in the pastor getting a divorce; his wife living with someone; sexual immorality; grandson murdering his grandmother etc.

    I walked away from the LORD but he was gracious and merciful and forgiving
    It has been a long but fruitful walk back to the narrow way

    Like the song says
    Through it all I have learned to trust in Jesus
    I have learned to trust in God

    It is the destruction of people’s lives and my own family that keeps me in prayer

    I have the book by Dr. Andy Woods
    I just rediscovered it as I am organizing my apt.

    God is a good good Father
    and I eagerly await the rapture of the church of the living God.

    It is not about my feelings or my experiences but about the word of God

    It is all about Jesus and not about me at all

    Thank you for sharing:)

    A balmy minus 23 Celsius
    going down to minus 35 over night

    It has been like this for awhile, hence the spring cleaning; repotting my plants and flowers
    My inside garden

    And of course my crocheting

    blessings in Christ



    the best is the sunshine
    my dogs love to lie in the sunbeams

    Do u remember Family circle cartoon
    The baby always found the sunbeam:)

    Chuck has his new leg now
    He is learning to walk again
    Pls. keep him in your prayers
    It is heel, toe always
    Out loud because when you have a false leg
    You cannot feel the ground
    His hip is out a bit so in order to relearn the walking process
    It is heel toe night and day
    He goes upstairs at work
    Uses his crutches

    It was an American company that paid for his leg
    Not our Canadian system at all
    but that is a whole other story

    My sister had to wait 3 years for surgery and is in the same spot
    Learning to walk again
    She does have a doc and physio so that is a bonus


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