Egypt and Russia lay foundation for third reactor at El-Dabaa nuclear power plant – Urban & Transport – Egypt – Ahram Online

“This marked another significant step in the collaboration between Egypt’s Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) and Russia’s state-run nuclear engineering corporation Rosatom to build the country’s first-ever nuclear power plant, which is designed to generate energy for peaceful purposes. “The move comes after the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRR) granted its construction permit in March 2023,” said chairman of NPPA’s Amgad El-Wakeel in a celebration on Wednesday.  El-wakeel added that the laying the first concrete works into the foundation of El-Dabaa’s third nuclear reactor also comes just days after the House of Representatives approved the cabinet-drafted amendments to the 1976 law regulating the performance of the NPPA. “This legislation would provide tax breaks to Egyptian and foreign contractors alike as part of Egypt’s efforts at speeding up the construction of the 4.8-GW NPP at El-Dabaa, located 320 kilometres west of Alexandria,” explained El-Wakeel.”,explained%C2%A0El%2DWakeel.

Author: Fire Lily

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