Violence in Manipur: Ethnic cleansing or religious cleansing?

I say religious cleansing. They have been pretty open about “cleansing” the country.

“India (MNN) — In Manipur, India, over 2,500 homes of tribal Christians are now just frames and ashes. Meitei Hindus in northeast India began attacking tribal Christians two weeks ago in a horrific campaign of violence. So far, at least 68 people have been killed and over 25,000 displaced — forced to flee while their houses and churches burned. With different messages coming from various media outlets, people are asking is this an ethnic cleansing? Or a religious cleansing?”,a%20religious%20cleansing%3F

Author: Fire Lily

God has given me grace upon grace. All I want to do is serve the One who loves me so much.

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