Victim or Victor – Which ‘hood’ you living in?

Is victorhood a word? It should be. Some folks I meet these days seem to have built their house in the middle of victimhood. Victims, victimized, traumatized, beaten down, and hopeless, they permeate despair. Darkness shrouds their countenance. Negativity seems their only friend. Before you think of me as uncaring or without compassion, please know […]

Victim or Victor – Which ‘hood’ you living in?

No Israel, No Return of Christ

No Israel, No return of Christ, No kingdom. And Satan continues on. Satan doesn’t like his retirement plan, so he will do whatever to erase the nation of Israel.

An Hour Of Testing and Now is the Time For the Western Church to Stand Firm in Jesus

A Message of Warning to America, From the Underground Church in Iran (President Biden 9-2-22 Speech)

The church always flourishes under adversity. The darker it is the more Jesus’ light shine.